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Women Cooperative Education Programme
National Cooperative Union of India is implementing a Central Sector Scheme with the logistic support from Ministry of Agriculture , Department of Cooperation, Govt. of India for creating awareness to empower women and educating them for improving their economic condition by organising them into Self Help Groups and arranging for skill development to facilitate income generation in the villages through its 44 Cooperative Education Field Projects located in Cooperative underdeveloped states/ under developed areas of developed states throughout the country of which 4 are exclusive Women Cooperative Education and Developmental Projects established in Aska (Odisha), Shimoga (Karnataka), Imphal (Manipur), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh).

The overall objective of the programme is to:
  • improve the socio-economic conditions of women in the project adopted areas through organisation of educational and developmental activities and organising them into Self Help Groups.
  • motivating women to develop Thrift and Credit groups
  • guide women to develop income generating activities
  • promote literacy and generate awareness on health and family planning
  • linkage building with cooperatives
The Project team comprises of 1 Lady Mobiliser to organize Self Help Groups of women in the adopted blocks of adopted areas and exclusive women projects are managed by women personnel comprising of Project Officer, 1 Lady Mobiliser & 4 Lady Cooperative Instructor with supportive Staff.

The Project team identifies the target groups and exposes them to the concept, and motivates them for formation of self help groups. In this approach the groups have to operate democratically for which regular management guidance is provided by Lady Mobiliser through regular interaction. At a later stage, these SHGs are either to be converted into cooperative society or enrolled as members of PACS depending upon their willingness.

Today the Projects have developed 2338 Self Help Groups with the Membership of 27864 exclusively for women and 419 cooperative societies have been registered so far.

Organization of women self help groups has helped women to improve their living conditions, besides it has proved a fertile ground for leadership development, working together for a common objective over a period of time has created enthusiasm and confidence amongst them. All the SHG members have becomes economically self- reliant. The members are availing credit facilities from their group funds and have taken up small businesses suiting to their skills and marketing potentials in the local markets through which are today earning Rs.2000 to 3000/- p.m.