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Approved Activities
Approved activities for Utilisation of Cooperative Education Fund
(As approved by the CEF Committee in its first meeting held on 27th October, 1989)
  1. Planning, developing and monitoring cooperative education programme.
  2. Developing and evolving suitable modules of cooperative education.
  3. Running National Centre for Cooperative Education for the purpose of:
    1. Leadership Development Programmes for cooperative leaders.
    2. Executive Development Programmes for cooperative education personnel including trainers’ training programme.
    3. Other programmes for improving efficiency of cooperative education system.
  4. To undertake pilot projects in the field of cooperative education particularly in those states which are cooperatively less developed with a view to removing regional imbalances and fill up the developmental gaps.
  5. Undertaking research and investigation into various aspects of cooperative education programme.
  6. Preparation and production of model education aids including audio-visual aids, films, film strips etc. and taking steps for their adaptation.
  7. Production and publication of literature and dissemination of cooperative knowledge and information for the use of cooperative education personnel.
  8. Modernization of training technology and teaching aids.
  9. Maintenance of information bureau and library.
  10. Provision of infrastructural facilities and other support for the development of cooperative training programmes.
  11. To support International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) in furtherance of cooperative education and training progarmmes in India.
  12. To organize conference, seminars, workshops etc. in the sphere of cooperative education and training. These programmes shall have a wider dispersal in various states and will not be concentrated in cities.
  13. To undertake any other activities/programmes approved by the Governing Council of NCUI in furtherance of cooperative education.