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Management of NCUI
General Body

The General Body consists of delegates of member societies. The supreme authority of NCUI vests with the General Body. The General body meets once a year to review the progress of the work programme of the previous year and also decide the policy and programmes for the next year.

Governing Council

The General body elects the Governing Council once for a period of five years. The Governing Council consists of twenty one members elected from different constituencies including President, Vice Presidents, two members are also co-opted members. The Chief Executive, NCUI is the ex-officio member of the Governing Council. The Governing Council meets once in every quarter and functions through the Executive Committee and other functional committees.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a smaller body constituted out of the members of the Governing Council. It consists of President, Vice Presidents and other members. The Executive Committee is responsible to execute the decisions of the Governing Council.


The President is the head of the NCUI and is elected from amongst the members of the Governing Council. He is supported by the Chief Executive who operates through various functional divisions of the NCUI secretariat.

Chief Executive

The Chief Executive is the executive head of the NCUI. He performs all the responsibilities as entrusted to him by the management and exercises such power as has been assigned to him under the Act, Rules, byelaws and also delegated to him by the Governing Council, Executive Committee and the President.