International Relations Division - Activities

NCUI maintains active and close partnership with the cooperative organizations of the world through networking with the National Apex Cooperatives in different countries and International Cooperative Development organizations viz. International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), International Raiffeisen Union (IRU), Network for Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia (NEDAC), Center for International Cooperation in Training & Agricultural Banking (CICTAB), Asian Farmers’ Group for Cooperation (AFGC), Brazil Russia India China South Africa (BRICS) Cooperative Forum etc. through participation in Seminars, Conferences, Workshops.

NCUI nominates delegates/candidates from NCUI & affiliate member organizations to various international committees for cooperative development and Training Programmes.

NCUI organizes Trainers’ Training Programme for Capacity Building of personnel & functionaries of cooperatives & rural financing institutions of the SAARC Region with an aim to broaden the training network & outreach to other countries / region.

Under the MoU signed with selected Countries, NCUI encourages exchange of information & improve bilateral cooperation with other countries / organizations through international study exposure visit. NCUI organizes visit of Fraternal Delegates to the Cooperative Institutions / organizations.  It also organizes visit at various places of interest in India for the visiting delegates to experience the Indian Culture & heritage as well as promote social contacts.