Women Education

Women Education

Women Education (WEP)

NCUI’s Women Cooperative Education Programme under Cooperative Education Field Projects for the year 2017-2018
NCUI is running Cooperative Education and Development Socio-economic programmes for employment and income generation of women through imparting capacity as well as skill upgradation training programmes by personnel of its 39 Cooperative Education Field Projects of which four are exclusive Women projects at Shimoga (Karnataka), Aska (Orissa), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) and East Imphal (Manipur).

50% of the expenditure incurred on these projects is met through the grants received from the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and the balance 50% is met through the funds collected from Cooperative Movement in the form of Cooperative Education Fund.


The main objective of the scheme is to develop and promote cooperative societies in the project areas to increase the productivity of farmers, to inculcate the habit of thrift amongst the women members , to impart and develop skills of the women and youth members thus improving overall socio- economic conditions of the area. Each project is given activity –wise targets to be achieved over the course of entire year.

Project Activities

Project Activities carried out mainly are follows:-

  1.   Cooperative Education
  2.   Motivational Meetings
  3.  SHG Meetings
  4.  Adult Literacy
  5. Social Development Programmes/HIV AIDS
  6. Income Generation
  7. Others