A Brief

International Relations Division - Activities

  • NCUI maintains active and close partnership with the cooperative organizations of world through Networking with the cooperative organizations including the National Apex Cooperatives and International Cooperative Development organizations viz. International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), International Raiffeisen Union (IRU), FAO-NEDAC, CICTAB, Asian Farmers’ Group for Cooperation (AFGC), BRICS, World Farmers Organization (WFO) etc. towards image building of Indian Cooperatives and mutual benefit through sharing experiences.
  • Interaction with Cooperative Leaders & functionaries of different countries through participation in Webinars, Conferences, Workshops, Training Programmes etc. by the cooperators & cooperative personnel from India to enhance professional management in the functioning of cooperatives in India.
  • Manage the visit of Fraternal Delegates to the Cooperative Institutions / organizations & other places of historical and cultural interests in India to increase social & cultural bond among peoples and also exchange of information & thereby improve bilateral cooperation with other countries / organizations including international study exposure visit.
  • Nomination of delegates/candidates from NCUI, member organizations and affiliates to various international committees for cooperative development and facilitate them to participate in the International Seminars / Conferences / Workshop / Training Courses etc. for professional enrichment.
  • Celebration of the International Day of Cooperatives on 1st Saturday of July every year by organizing Symposium to create awareness among masses towards emerging global / national issues directly affecting the people’s life and livelihood. A Children Picture Contest to attract the young mind towards importance of agriculture, food and environment can be organized to commemorate the day.
  • Organization of Capacity Building Programme in collaboration with ICA, NEDAC, CICTAB and other organizations with an objective to build professional manpower to serve the members of cooperatives in better ways.
  • Organization of International seminars / conferences / workshops / symposiums based on the proposals of international organizations / bodies having national importance that benefit the members of cooperatives in India.
  • Continuation of Membership of various international bodies like ICA, IRU, NEDAC, CICTAB etc. to aware and enlighten the Indian Cooperative Movement about the global trends on cooperative policy, legislative and other relevant issues of concern.
  • Facilitation to the member cooperatives for the participation of children for the Annual World Children’s Picture Contest in Japan as well as in other international programmes.
  • Response to all queries from the Nodal Ministry i.e. Ministry of Cooperation and preparation of related documents / notes related to International matters from time to time.
  • Member Services: To provide up-to-date information regarding international programmes / activities that can benefit the member organizations and also facilitation for the participation of the members in the events.
  • Under the MoU signed with selected countries, NCUI encourages exchange of information and improve bilateral cooperation with other countries/organizations through international study exposure visit.