Introduction & Objective


The NCCE was initially established as “All India Cooperative Instructors Training Centre” in 1958. The main function was to impart pedagogical and capacity building training to the trainers who were conducting member education programmes for the village cooperative societies. The other programmes were conducted by cooperative education personnel mainly related with development of various aspects of cooperatives particularly in relation to village development, govt. policy for cooperative development etc.

As it is a specialized institution for pedagogy, the scope was extended to impart training programmes for faculty of cooperative training Institutions and supervisory personnel of State Cooperative Unions. With changing approach and need of the cooperative sector, the centre diversified its activities enlarging its scope much beyond the training of education personnel. The Governing Council of NCUI therefore, renamed it as National Centre for Cooperative Education (NCCE). More emphasis is now given to Leadership Development Programme for developing managerial skill among the management committee members of cooperative societies.

Currently, NCCE is organizing programmes in the following main areas:

  1. Diploma Programme in Cooperative Education and Development (3 months) for Indian and overseas participants.
  2. One year and 2 year courses in “Cooperative Management” for students of (Central and State University).
  3. Orientation Course on “Cooperation and Cooperative Management” for Faculty members of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS).
  4. Cooperation and Cooperative Management Programme for Personnel of IFFCO & KRIBHCO and other reputed cooperatives.
  5. Leadership Development Programmes for the Chairmen/Directors of different sectors of the cooperative movement (3 – 5 days) for India, SAARC & neighboring countries including Mauritius).
  6. Refresher course for the Personnel of NCUI Education Field Projects
  7. Refresher cum Research Oriented Course in “Cooperation” for Lecturers / Readers of College/ University (one week).
  8. Refresher Course for the Faculty of State Cooperative Unions/Junior Cooperative Training Centres.
The centre conducts more than 150 programmes approximately every year. The calendar of programmes is prepared in consultation with the national/state cooperative federations/union and the curriculum is designed as per the need and requirement of each sector. These programmes are conducted both at New Delhi and outstation in collaboration with various national and state level sectoral federations/unions and Junior Cooperative Training Centres etc. On demand of the cooperative organizations tailor-made training programmes are also designed and conducted.